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Surface Protection Film Tape Our company will showcase its innovative products at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2024 fair. This prestigious event provides an excellent opportunity to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry and strengthen business connections. We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to providing our customers with the best products and services.
Stretch Film Featuring a tensile strength up to 300%, Nora Stretch Films made a distinguished name by virtue of its robustness and high quality. Manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses, Nora Stretch Films is preferred by the prominent manufacturers of our country and the world with its special formula.
Adhesive Tape Turkey The solvent consumed in the plant is recovered by virtue of the solvent recovery system commissioned in year 2011, while the heat recovery system, which is an integral part of the said system, on the other hand, recovers all waste energy to the system, thus ensuring more efficient use of energy.


Established in 2001, Nora Bant aimed to be specialized in protective tapes that are used to protect sensitive surfaces for any risk of scratches on materials such as u-PVC and Aliminium Window Frames. Since then, Nora Bant has become a well-qualified and reliable supplier who only focused on exporting due to the expansion in this area and particularly to the high-quality competing prices in the material supplying market that have been competing well.

Using a first-class quality certified materials in its production process, Nora Bant has been exporting to 27 different countries with its specialised staff and has been able to give a high-level service to its clients in their own languages with a 90 percent capacity. As a leading producer located in Istanbul, Nora Bant family is being highly pleased and ready to offer its best quality services to every one every time.

Nora Bant aims full integration in production and continues to make investments in order to achieve such objective. Nora Bant offers services starting from production of the protective film and then through printing, adhesive production, adhesive application and cutting machinery. Nora Bant added its 3rd adhesive application machine capable of applying adhesives with 2.5m. width in addition to the existing 2 units. The company renders services with full integration from film production to end product by cutting the jumbo sized protective films to the width as requested by the customer by means of 4 cutting machines.


Nora Bant has been actively producing in its modern facilities located in Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag. In its plant constructed with an environment-friendly and a high-level of work-safety awareness, Nora Bant has also been one of the leading companies in the sector with a total capacity of production of 6 million square meter per month-consisting 95 % of volume in exporting.

In terms of its close proximity to West-East motorway connection, our company is able to manage its sea loadings and delivery to the ports that are present only a 15-minute distance to the plant. We will be highly pleased and honoured to welcome you in our facilities for a quick tour soon.

Our environmental policy does not consist of only the well-intentioned statements. Nora Bant fulfills the requirements of such insight with diligence through the investments made and plants commissioned. Solvent Recovery system enables recovery of 90% of the hundreds of tons of solvent used at our production processes. The recovered solvent is distilled and decomposed and returned to the production process.

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Protective Tapes

Adhesive Tape Europe

Protective Tapes as well as promoting their brands are mainly designed to protect the items that are sensitive to external factors such as scratching, dirts and abrasions caused by friction.

Taking into consideration those features, protective tapes hold a vital importance for the manufacturers.

Nora Bant Technical Features :

  • High UV resistance
  • Resistance to high/low temperatures
  • Stain-proof after installation
  • Easy to adhere to profile and easy to remove
  • Black-white, White-white and Clear(transparent) colours available to produce
  • It can be produced with or without printing
  • Available to produce within a range of 20mm-2000 mm
  • Available to produce within a lenght from 500 to 1000 meters deepending on the tape thickness

Application Surfaces:

To protect all sensitive and shiny surfaces such as U-PVC / Aluminium Window-Door Profiles such as Windowsill, Mirror, Glass, Wooden and metalic items’ surfaces.

Shelf Life of Nora Bant:

Must be used within 6 months under proper storage conditions.

Warranty Claims:

All Nora Bant Protective tapes are under a 9-month warranty starting from the Invoice Date.

Box Sealing Tapes

Box Sealing Tape Europe

Technical Features of Nora Bant Box Sealing Tapes:

  • Have powerful and adhesive features
  • Cuttability in brown, white, clear(transparent) colours and available for custom printing within a range of 16mm and 150 mm’s
  • Available as jumbo bobbins

High-tech Nora Bant Box Sealing Tapes can be safely applied for a variety of box types such as parcels, boxes,packages etc.

Stretch Films

Stretch Film Turkey

In order to dispatch a delivery, a pallet wrap plastic film is used for holding an item’s packaging together and preventing the goods’ sprawl. With the help of high-quality raw materials and technology, Nora Stretch Films are higly resistant to heavy tension and loading.

Technical Features of Nora Stretch Films:

  • Can be applied manually or by dispensers
  • Can be produced within a range of 17-23 micron thicknesses
  • Can be produced in any size in width
  • Can be rolled up to 6000 meters


Protective Tape Producer

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Bagdat Cad. No: 271 D: 4 Sella Palas Apt.
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Istanbul - Turkey

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Adhesive Tape Producer


Velikoy Sanayi Bolgesi, Sanayi Cad.
59500 Cerkezkoy
Tekirdag - Turkey

Phone: +90 216 405 20 23 (Pbx)
Fax: +90 216 405 20 27

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Protective Tape Factory in Europe

Head Office

Bagdat Cad. No: 271 D: 4 Sella Palas Apt.
34728 Kadikoy
Istanbul - Turkey

Phone: +90 216 405 20 23 (Pbx)
Fax: +90 216 405 20 27

Adhesive Tape Producer in Europe


Velikoy Sanayi Bolgesi, Sanayi Cad.
59500 Cerkezkoy
Tekirdag - Turkey

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